E4 wristband

for Developers

Updated May, 2018

Empatica provides a suite of solutions designed to allow real-time data streaming from E4 devices. E4 wristband research product works with the Android and iOS platforms using the SDK and with Windows using the E4 streaming server.

In order to build your own applications you need an API Key and the SDK(s) for your platform(s) of choice. The key is used to authenticate your applications for accounting purposes. You can read the guide Develop your own app.

There are no REST APIs at this time so access to data that has been uploaded to the Empatica Connect web application is only accessible through the use of the Web User Interface.

E4 link for iOS

E4 link is the new name for the Framework which you can develop your custom application on iOS platform. To download the latest version of the E4 link you have to access to the Empatica Connect web portal and navigate in the Developer section. Read how to develop your iOS application using the E4 link SDK for iOS tutorial and connect to your E4 wristbands from your iOS device. A Sample Xcode project is provided that demonstrate how to scan continuously for E4 wristband devices and connect to one or multiple devices at the same time and stream values E4 link SDK Sample

E4link.framework has been build using Xcode 9.3 and the iOS 11.3 SDK. The minimum deployment target is iOS 9.3. The framework works with both Objective-C and Swift, but does not support bitcode.

For more detailed information check E4 link Code Reference

E4 link for Android

E4 link is the new name for the Library which you can develop your custom application on Android.

E4 link Library has been built using Android Studio 3.1 and the Android SDK API Level 27. The minimum Android SDK API Level is 19.

E4 link Library for Android is currently under development

E4 streaming server for Windows

The E4 streaming server is a Windows application that can connect to multiple Empatica E4 devices using Bluetooth LE and forward their data streams to clients connected over TCP.

The E4 streaming server works exclusively with the BlueGiga BLED112 Bluetooth Smart Dongle.

For more detailed information check E4 streaming server.

Deprecated Software for Developers

The E4 link is the new name of the EmpaLink library and E4 streaming server is the new name of the Windows BLE server. EmpaLink and BLE Server products will be discontinued in the next months.

For more information check Legacy Software reference


Having trouble with Empatica E4 software for Developers? Contact our Support and we’ll help you sort it out.